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  • Director of Public Works: Corey Dregney
  • Street Superintendent: James Rud

The City of Mondovi employs 6 full-time Public Works employees to maintain the municipal utilities, streets, parks and municipal buildings.

  • Chief of Police: David Shapiro

The Mondovi Police Department has 4 full-time officers.

  • Fire – 30 part-time volunteers
  • Mondovi Ambulance Service – Volunteers

Help can’t wait. 
Will you volunteer to serve as a firefighter or an emergency medical technician?

To learn more contact:
Fire Chief, Steve Anderson call 715-495-1531 (home)

Ambulance Director, Bryan Gibbs call 715-926-3772 or fax 715-926-3720.

Jonathan Lebakken - Library Director

Mondovi Public Library
147 W. Hudson St.
Mondovi, WI 54755
Phone: 715-926-4403

Contact Us

The City of Mondovi has a mayor-council form of government. City government offices are located at:

156 S. Franklin St.
Mondovi, WI 54755

Phone: 715-926-3866